• The town is situated at the foot of The Peaks of Europe.
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    Idyllic location

    The town is situated at the foot of The Peaks of Europe.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Spain

The town of Potes, also the capital and central part of the exceptional region of Liébana, is a peaceful place where several roads come together and is therefore ideal place to set up camp and explore the region. Located at the confluence of two rivers (the Deva and its tributary the Quiviesa) and four valleys, Potes enjoys a Mediterranean microclimate, perfect for vineyards as well as other fruit and vegetables that make up the particular culinary culture of this region. Located in the Peaks of Europe region, and close to the summit of Arabedes, this town is an ideal departure point for going hiking or practising any other activity linked to the mountains. Although a few Roman roads were built in the region, the historic heritage of Potes and its surroundings dates from the (late) Middle Ages, with structures and buildings like the Infantado Tower Orejón de la Lama Tower, the town convent, a few bridges, in addition to the old town, which is regarded as an artistic and historic point of interest. It is a perfect place for relaxing and recharging your batteries... thanks, especially, to the local produce, such as quesuco (a type of cheese typical of the region), cured meats, and beef stew. Then for good digestion, try the reputed chupito de orujo (a glass of herbal brandy) from Potes.

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