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In the centre of Tenerife, the Teide National Park, (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007) hides a little gem: Las Cañadas. Las Cañadas is a 10 mile wide volcano on top of which looms the Pico del Teide, the highest summit in Spain at 12,200 ft and whose last eruption was recorded in 1798. Various wild flowers grow here, including the Teide bugloss, an endemic and rare cone-shaped plant that can grow as tall as 6 ft. The tourist facilities are limited to a recently renovated hotel, tourist office and cable car. The latter, which was built in 1971, will take you to the viewpoint in 8 minutes from where (weather permitting), you can admire the entire archipelago. However, it is quite expensive: 22 euros (£17) return per person. It almost feels like a ski resort when you see the long queue of tourists at the entrance; all that's missing are the skis! Special permission is required however, to climb the last 650 ft up to the summit. You have to make a request a week in advance at the park administration office located in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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    Teide National Park, Tenerife

    Pico del Teide is the highest peak in Spain and the tallest volcano in Europe, culminating at 3718 m.

    © Michael Rucker / age fotostock
  • Tenerife , Del Teide National Park , Teide National Park, Tenerife , Spain
    Teide National Park, Tenerife

    Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in June 2007, this immense park covers almost 20,000 hectares.

    © Stefan Kassal / age fotostock
  • Tenerife , Del Teide National Park , Mars? No, Tenerife! , Spain
    Mars? No, Tenerife!

    The Ucanca plain has featured in several science fiction films, and you can see why!

    © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
  • Tenerife , Del Teide National Park , A national parador , Spain
    A national parador

    Relax and take in impressive panoramic views of the "Teide" from the comfort of your hotel!

    © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
  • Tenerife , Del Teide National Park , Cable carts in Teide National Park , Spain
    Cable carts in Teide National Park

    Enjoy spectacular panoramic views from the cable carts, which take 8 minutes and deliver you safely at a whopping 3,555 m.

    © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
  • Tenerife , Del Teide National Park , Climb the last few metres on foot , Spain
    Climb the last few metres on foot

    The smell of sulfur that emerges from the sulfur springs at the top is a reminder that the volcano is active

    © Carlos Rodrigues / EASYVOYAGE
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