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The Alcazar de Jerez Spain
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Alcazar de Jerez

The term 'alcazar' comes from the Arabic 'al-qasr', meaning a set of buildings surrounded by fortification walls and serving as a base for political and military powers. The Alcazar of Jerez is one of the city's most emblematic monuments. It was built in the 12th century and is one of the few examples of Almohade architecture on the peninsula. Jerez also became one of the most significant cities in Lower Andalusia at this time. Many of the original features of the fortress, including the two doorways, the mosque, the Arab Baths, the octagonal tower and the pavilion of the Patio de Dońa Blanca, located at the food of said tower, still stand today.
The Dark Chamber of Jerez is located within the tower of Villavicencio Palace, built inside the Alcazar on the foundations of the former Almohade palace. The Alcazar, which dates back to the 11th century, has been declared a monument of historic and artistic interest. The main viewing system in the Dark Chamber enables visitors to see the city as a series of moving images, with magnifying lenses and a mirror capturing images of the city and transporting them via a tube located above the screen like a periscope. The light coming in through the window causes the animated images of Jerez to reflect onto the screen in real-time. The octagonal tower is one of the remaining original features of the originally Islamic Alcazar de Jerez. It is located on the southern corner of the fortress and is its highest point, making it a superb watchtower from which to keep watch over the surrounding area.

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The Alcazar de Jerez

The Alcazar de Jerez , Spain
The Jerez cathedral

The cathedral was built on the site of a former mosque.

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The Alcazar de Jerez , Spain
A rich architectural heritage

The Alcazar de Jerez is one of the most emblematic monuments monuments within the town.

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The Alcazar de Jerez , Spain
The dark room of Jerez

It is located in the tower of the Palace of Villavicencio and was built inside the Alcazar on the foundations of the old Almohad palace.

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The Alcazar de Jerez , Spain
The Alcazar of Jerez

Il fut construit au XIIčme sičcle et constitue l'un des rares exemples d'architecture almohade de la Péninsule ibérique.

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The Alcazar de Jerez , Spain
A well hidden café

This cafe is nestled in the ruins of the ancient walls!

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