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Discover The ArÓn Valley Spain

Located in the northwestern part of Catalonia, the ArÓn Valley is one of the most striking regions in terms of landscapes and culture. It's a remote area due to its rugged terrain and its location in the heart of the Pyrenees. It boasts authentic natural landscapes that have moulded the local sense of identity, as seen in the language (Aranese, spoken alongside Spanish and Catalan), the rich history, and very particular traditions. Situated at a high altitude, this region (a large part of the territory is 2000m above sea level) is comprised of valleys, mountains, pastures, lakes, and rivers. It's a place to discover on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback, along the many paths that run through it. You can also enjoy some rafting or kayaking down the many rivers that run through the territory, such as the Noguera Pallaresa, that flows into the Mediterranean, or the Garona, that flows in the opposite direction and joins the Cantabric river, despite the fact that its source is only 200m from the source of the Noguera. There are vast forests of beech, fir, and pine trees that are home to many local species, some of which are endangered, such as the brown bear (only a handful left), the white-tailed ptarmigan, or the bearded vulture. If you want to enjoy a full range of services, stay in one of the few towns of the region, such as Viella (the capital), Boss˛st, or Naut ArÓn. However, if you want to stay in one of the typical and sparsely inhabited villages of the region, choose Vilamˇs, Arres, or Canejan. The Val d'ArÓn has all sorts of activities on offer, both in winter and in summer. There are numerous ski slopes and skating rinks. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the region is relatively secluded, it has maintained many of its traditions and much of its culture, as seen in the local cuisine.

  • Val d'ArÓn , Val d'Aran , Spain
    Val d'Aran

    This Catalan region is located in the Pyrenees, bordering France and is home to numerous birds.

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  • Val d'ArÓn , Spain
    The ArÓn Valley
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  • Val d'ArÓn , Spain
    The ArÓn Valley
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  • Val d'ArÓn , Spain
    The ArÓn Valley
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  • Val d'ArÓn , Spain
    The ArÓn Valley
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  • Val d'ArÓn , Spain
    The ArÓn Valley
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