Travel to the Balearics, Spain's party islands

A major Spanish tourist destination, the Balearic archipelago is composed of four main islands: lively Ibiza, diverse Majorca, discreet Menorca, and the small but sublime Formentera.
  • The Balearic Islands, Spain
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  • The Balearic Islands, Spain
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Introducing the Balearics

Magnificent crystal clear water, fiestas, medieval fortified cities and eco-tourism are all part of this destination which is too often stereotyped and confused with the mass tourism on the urbanised coasts of mainland Spain. That's not to say that mass tourism has not found its place here but you'll find a hell of a lot more waiting for you on the shores of these four Spanish islands than high-rise hotels and club cartels.

Big sister

The largest of the Balearic islands, Majorca is far and away the most popular of the four. If you're looking for big resorts and heaving nightclubs, you'll find them here around the east coast of the island and along the Bay of Palma. The rest of the island sets an entirely different tone, full of old towns and olive groves, picturesque cliffs and mountains with more than their fair share of excellent hiking.

The quiet one

A close neighbour of Majorca, Menorca has a quieter feel to it. Between prehistoric sites, centuries-old forts left to crumble and a fantastic coastline, the island keeps its often older clientele well occupied. As for its hotels, it's easy to keep out of the tourist resorts if you prefer and stick to exploring the towns, starting with the intriguing history of Mao and ending with the captivating streets of the petite Ciutadella.

Party time

Ibiza, the little sister with a penchant for bad behaviour, will delight and disgust you in equal measure. Huge hotel complexes line the beach front, whilst music pumps non-stop from incomparable clubs with the world's finest DJs on the decks. Factor in a tendency to overconsume and soaring prices, and you've got one of the most popular party destinations in the world. Expect to spend big and live big in return.

Secret escape

Left till last so as to attract as little attention as possible, the tiny island of Formentera is the real jewel in the Balearic's crown. Its small surface area offers one of the last true places in Europe to escape the crowds and appreciate the sun. Though it has little in the way of cultural heritage, its rustic charm and stunning beaches (best of the archipelago) are enough to satisfy for several days.

The Balearic Islands: the key figures

Surface area : 4992.0 km2

Population : 1119000 inhabitants

Time difference : The Balearic islands are on the same time as mainland Spain, that is GMT+1.

  • A reliable tourist infrastructure.
  • A good quality of life in a 100 % Mediterranean setting.
  • An ideal destination to get some sun at almost any time of the year.
  • Busy tourist sites and the inconvenience that goes with them: waiting in queues, noise, etc.
  • Certain coastal areas have been blighted by construction and artificial development.

The Balearic Islands: what to visit?


  • The northern sierras of Ibiza , The sierras , Spain
    The northern sierras of Ibiza
  • The caves of Majorca, Landscapes, The Balearic Islands
    The caves of Majorca
  • The sierra de Tramuntana , Serra de Tramuntana , Spain
    The sierra de Tramuntana
  • Albufera, Albufera Nature Park, Landscapes, The Balearic Islands
    Albufera Nature Park
  • Les salines , Spain
    Salt flats
  • Mallorca: Cape Formentor , Cala Figuera at Cap Formentor , Spain
    Mallorca: Cape Formentor
  • Mallorca: Cape Formentor , Cala Figuera at Cap Formentor , Spain


  • Formentera , Spain
  • Majorca , The North coast , Spain
    Majorca - The North coast
  • Majorca , The West coast , Spain
    Majorca - The West coast
  • Majorca , The South coast , Spain
    Majorca - The South coast
  • Majorca , The East coast , Spain
    Majorca - The East coast
  • Minorca , The North coast , Spain
    Minorca - The North coast
  • Minorca , The South coast , The south coast of Menorca , Spain
    Minorca - The South coast
  • Calas of Ibiza
  • Em Bossa beach
  • La baie de Palma de Majorque , Spain
    Palma de Mallorca bay
  • Les calas de Majorque , Spain
    Calas de Mallorca
  • Les calas de Majorque , Spain

The fauna and flora

  • The flora , The olives of the Balearic Islands , Spain
    The flora
  • A Balearic eagle, The fauna, The fauna and flora, The Balearic Islands
    The fauna
  • A Balearic eagle, The fauna, The fauna and flora, The Balearic Islands

Arts and culture

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza , Spain
    The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza
  • The Pilar i Joan Miro Foundation (Majorca) , Pilar i Joan Miro , Spain
    The Pilar i Joan Miro Foundation (Majorca)
  • Son Amar, Son Amar in Mallorca, Arts and culture, The Balearic Islands
    Son Amar in Mallorca
  • The market of Punta Arabi, Ibiza hippy communities, Arts and culture, The Balearic Islands
    Ibiza hippy communities
  • Partying in Ibiza
  • Ibiza village fetes


  • Palma Cathedral , Spain
    Palma Cathedral
  • Le castell de Bellver , Spain
    Bellver Castle
  • Les bains arabes , Spain
    Arab baths
  • la chartreuse de Valldemosa , Spain
  • La citadelle d'Eivissa, capitale d'Ibiza , The citadel of Ibiza (Eivissa) , Spain
    La citadelle d'Eivissa, capitale d'Ibiza
  • La citadelle d'Eivissa, capitale d'Ibiza , The citadel of Ibiza (Eivissa) , Spain

The Balearic Islands: what to buy?

Majorca produces wrought iron objects, glass art, embroidered items and espadrilles. The town of Manacor specialises in cultured pearls, furniture and objects made from olive trees; Felanitx makes the island's most beautiful ceramics. Inca specialises in leather while the town of Es Mercadal in Menorca makes albarques (typical Balearic shoes).

Shops are open from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00am until 1:30pm and from 5:00pm to 8:30pm. During summer, some shops in the centre of Ibiza can stay open until 2:00 am. Shopping centres are open continuously from 10:00 am until 9:00pm or even 10:00 pm.

Ibiza is famous for its hippy markets, in particular the Punta Arabi in Es Canar - one of the biggest in Europe -which is open every Wednesday from April until October, from 10:00am until 7:00pm. Smaller and more authentic, the Las Dialas hippy market in San Carlos is open all year round on Saturdays from 10:00am until sunset, with late opening on Mondays from 7:00pm until 1:00am from June to October.

The Balearic Islands: what to eat?

Pork, and particularly roast pork, is the basis of the archipelago's cuisine. As for delicacies, you should taste the sobressada; it is recognisable by its orange colour due to the inclusion of red chilli peppers. Green vegetables are also abundant. Tumbet is a terrine made of layers of fried potatoes and eggplants covered in tomato sauce and chilli peppers.

Do not miss out on the ensaimadas, a spiral-shaped delicate cake, nor the montaditos, toasted bread rubbed with garlic, tomato and olive oil and served with aïoli. Minorca is renowned for its fish and shellfish, especially lobster.

To start or end a meal, try the Minorca Jenever (gin) and the liquors from Ibiza such as the hierbas ibizencas, a digestive made from a dozen varieties of different herbs such as fennel, rosemary and thyme. As an aperitif, try the palo, a drink made from the cinchona and gentian plants. It is served with ice, a slice of lemon and 3 drops of gin; to be consumed with moderation!

The Balearic Islands: main cities

The Balearic Islands: what are the cultural particularities?

In the Balearics, the day is organised according to the weather. Most of the local population will have lunch between 1pm and 2pm, whilst dinner is not usually eaten until at least 9pm. Activities stop and most shops close between 2pm and 5pm to avoid the heat of the afternoon in summer. Evenings can last late into the night, frequently until dawn.

The local inhabitants enjoy partying and the streets often stay animated. Family remains the base of the social organisation, though modernity is changing their values. Do not be surprised by the traditional kindness of the Spaniards.

The Balearic Islands: travel tips

Whilst all four of the Balearic Islands are well known for their beaches and sunshine, it's worth exploring the historically rich cities and stunning island interiors too, especially when hiking is on offer. Majorca has plenty of mountainous terrain which attracts walkers and bikers year round.

The islands are well-connected to British airports during the summer months, with plenty of low-cost options flying direct in under two and a half hours. Majorca maintains its regular connections all year round with flights to its capital city Palma.

If you prefer not to fly, boats leave regularly from mainland Spain to the islands, incluiding from Barcelona, Valencia and Denia. Inter-island ferries also provide good links between all four Balearics, though it is strongly advised to prepare your trips from island to island in advance. Though crossings in the archipelago are regular, a little organisation is required.

Costs can be high in peak season, with hotels and restaurants cranking up prices to catch the tourist rush. This can often mean that the best time to go is either before the rush in April/May or waiting until September to catch the last of the summer sun without the crowds.

Catalan is spoken throughout the archipelago, with different dialects on the three main islands. If you're driving, prepare yourself for the fact that all road signs are in Catalan, with name variations such as Eivissa (Ibiza) to watch out for. That said, renting cars can be difficult with many companies not allowing you to take vehicles between islands. In most cases, you're probably better off sticking to public transport.

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