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The Celts Spain
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Celts

Asturias has a Celtic background whose culture it shares with Galicia, Scotland, Ireland, and Brittany. This ancestral people, who had a major influence up to the start of the Middle Ages, left behind an important heritage of music, culture, and design. Even though, under the influence of Christianity, some of the region's Celtic architectural heritage and monuments were hidden and destroyed, some examples have been preserved in the villages and mountains of this area so rich in tradition. A few remains dating back a thousand years can still be seen, such as the Castros: ancient village ruins that still display the structure of the dwellings and the settlements of this north Cantabrian culture. The most significant of these can be found in the Navía Historic National Park. Music was another important element of this culture and is still particularly resonant in the magical sounds made by its most famous instrument: the bagpipes. The region's Celtic origins have endured particularly in its way of looking at the world. Examples of this can be seen in Asturian mythology and customs.

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The Celts

The Celts , Spain
Celtic 'castros'

These are the first cities from Prehistory where a typical Celtic culture was developed.

© Jose Antonio Hernaiz / Age Fotostock
The Celts , Spain
An archaeological site in Asturias

In Asturias you will have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites where you can discover the culture of these legendary people.

© Jose Antonio Hernaiz / Age Fotostock
The Celts , Spain
A Celtic past, Spain

The Celts or Kelts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe

© Jose Antonio Hernaiz / Age Fotostock
The Celts , Spain
Toros de Guisando, Asturias

In the centre of the peninsula, in the vicinity of Avila, there are a series of heavy, granite animals called the toros (bulls) de Guisando, generally attributed to the Celts.

© Nacho Calonge - age fotostock
The Celts , Spain
no title !

The Celts built their villages on hills for strategic defence, and that the houses were circular with low stone walls and conical, thatched roofs of straw.

© Liane Matrisch - age fotostock
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