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A historic and religious site, Dambulla hosts five richly decorated caves. They form a troglodyte temple and hold no less than 150 statues of the Buddha. Access to the temple is not easy. You will have to cross a tiny rock wall whose steepest part is fitted with a couple of makeshift steps. The temple is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Dambulla , Temple of Dambulla , Sri Lanka
    Temple of Dambulla

    One of the myriad Buddha sculptures

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  • Dambulla , Sri Lanka
    A stone procession

    Buddhist monk statues carved out of stone lead to the monastery.

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  • Dambulla , Sri Lanka

    The statues carry offerings. They come in different forms, including flowers, food, etc.

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  • Dambulla , Sri Lanka
    The monastery of Dambulla

    The monastery, which contains five sanctuaries, is 22 centuries old. It is the best preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka.

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  • Dambulla , Sri Lanka
    The statues of Dambulla

    The monastery as a whole has no less than 157 statues.

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  • Dambulla , Sri Lanka
    The wall paintings in the Dambulla cave templ

    The site is also remarkable for its wall paintings covering a total area of 2,100m.

    Arvind Balaraman / 123RF
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