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Dancing Sri Lanka
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Dancing

Discovery of sites on the cultural triangle will definitely include dance shows. Dances by masked devils, ritual and semi-religious dances and original Kandy dances with motley costumes are all part and parcel of the people's culture.
The Kandyan dance is the official Sri Lankan dance and dates back to the era of the Kandyan kings. It is divided into four versions and numerous gestures mimick the movements of animals. The dancer wears a large skirt and is topless, wearing several silver and ivory necklaces as well as bracelets and silver rings on their feet. These dancers, accompanied by musicians and drummers, pirouette and jump.
Originating in India, the disguised drama is divided into 4 categories. Danced at night, these dances take place once a year and last 7 to 10 minutes only. Dancers, drummers, singers and a master of ceremony grace the traditional drama. Masks hide the faces of the dancers. The most renowned of these dramas is the Kolam (Tamil word for costume or disguise), which involves several grotesque and shapeless characters (53).
You can admire these masks at the mask museum in Ambalangoda.


Dancing , Sri Lanka
Wooden objects

It is possible to buy numerous objects sculpted out of wood.

Tykhyi / 123RF
Dancing , Sri Lanka
Centuries of heritage

It's enough to take a quick look at the ornamentation on the walls to see the dexterity of the artisans when it comes to stone and other materials.

Oleksii Sergieiev / 123RF
Dancing , Sri Lanka
Bronze pieces

Sri Lanka is also very well-known for its bronze pieces. In fact, this metal can be seen in many of the monuments.

Shariff Che'Lah / 123RF
Dancing , Sri Lanka
Precious stones

This is also where you can make the best deals concerning precious stones. Be careful, though, there are a lot of fake jewels floating around.

Dragan Jovanovic / 123RF
Dancing , Sri Lanka
The art of detail

The quality of Sri Lankan artisanry can be seen in the small, always meticulous details.

Veeravong Komalamena / 123RF
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