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Polonnaruwa, capital from the 11th to the 13th Centuries, exhibits superb relics, including an immense statue of the Buddha 60ft tall. Built on the banks of the Lake Topa Wewa, numerous palaces, temples and monasteries are reminiscent of the past splendour of this royal city.

  • Polonnaruwa , Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka , Sri Lanka
    Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

    The Ancient Buddha Rock Statues of Polonnaruwa

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  • Polonnaruwa , Vatagage , Sri Lanka

    Buddha's tooth is said to have passed through here at some point. Today you can admire the remarkable quality of the engravings.

  • Polonnaruwa , The Gal Vihara , Sri Lanka
    The Gal Vihara

    The master lies at the foot of Ananda, one of his disciples, sagely awaiting death. This work is extremely impressive due to its size.

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  • Polonnaruwa , Meditation , Sri Lanka

    When he is sitting in the lotus position, with the soles of his feet turned to the sky and his left hand on his right hand, this means that the Buddha is meditating.

  • Polonnaruwa , The former capital , Sri Lanka
    The former capital

    Polonnaruwa was once the capital of Sri Lanka. It was the home of the Sinhalese kings from the 11th to the 13th centuries.

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  • Polonnaruwa , A sitting Buddha , Sri Lanka
    A sitting Buddha

    Sitting meditating, this Buddha is one of the four pillars of the Gal Vihara.

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