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Unlike many other Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia boasts landscape that is far from monotonous: its contrasting relief, dream-like beaches, tropical forests, banana groves, beautiful lush vegetation and villages with their colourful wooden houses... The north consists of small valleys and the south of little farming plains, whereas the centre is characterised by mountain rivers.

The fauna and flora

The wild vegetation on St. Lucia gives the island a certain charm. Thanks to the tropical climate, the flora is lush and very diverse. It is similar to what you will find on Martinique, with, in particular, an abundance of banana, coconut, mango and guava trees. The wealth of the flora can especially be attributed to the large number of species that have been imported from all over the world, like the mango and tamarind trees from India, the cacao tree from Central America, and the breadfruit tree from Tahiti. The only endemic species here is the manioc plant.

In terms of the fauna, things are a little more complicated. The various species had a difficult time adapting to the new plant species and some of them simply died out. Other species, like the parrot, are currently in danger due to poachers looking to traffic their feathers.

Finally, those who will be most happy here are birdwatchers and scuba divers, as St. Lucia is a very popular destination for both of these activities.

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