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Sudan has 540 miles of coastline lined by the Red Sea. Port Sudan is where you'll see many cruise ships, not to mention adventurous divers attracted by this well-preserved spot.

The fauna and flora

Bordered by the Red Sea in the east, Sudan conceals a hidden paradise off the coast of Port Sudan and Suakin, an old port city abandoned since 1904, with its maritime routes used by ancient Egyptians, coral reefs and exceptional flora and fauna.

In the Sahelian areas, the decline of the vegetation is favourable to desertification. As for the fauna, crocodiles, baboons, giraffes, leopards, lions, hippos, etc., abound in the plains and the equatorial regions of Sudan. The Nile is an important stopping point for birds migrating to the south of Africa in winter.

There is a very developed irrigation system in the central part of the country which has even given rise to swampland.

Arts and culture

There is a large number of cultures present in Sudan. Despite the fact that this sort of multi-culturality has often been the source of tensions and wars, it has made Sudan a country that is rich with folklore.

Contemporary culture has slowly been developing in this Sub-Saharan African country, most notably in literature and the plastic arts.

To learn more about the Sudanese culture there are several sites you can visit. Among them is the National Ethnographic Museum in Khartum; the souk, the largest in the country and also in Khartum, which takes place every Friday morning; the tomb of Mahdi, Beit Al-Khalifa; and the vast archaeological sites of Bajrawiya, Naga, Meroé, El Kurru and Musawarat, which have inspired many tales.

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