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Wedged between French Guyana to the east and Guyana to the west, Suriname is a land full of contrasts. After the coast stretching along the Atlantic, a swampy clay soil gives place to a dry savannah region largely covered with quartz debris.


Those visiting the Atlantic coast of Suriname can both discover its charming villages and admire the preserved nature that surrounds them.

Arts and culture

Suriname's culture can be summed up by its incredible diversity of ethnicities. Among them, the Surinamese people speak 15 or so different languages, with the most important one being the English-based Surinamese Creole. The population is made up of descendants of African slaves, Chinese and Creole peoples, Hindustani and Amerindians.

The most developed art form is definitely painting, while the most popular one is music. The Creole people introduced kawina music here, which was once played and sung on the plantations. The Hindustani mix songs from Indian films with traditional Javanese songs.

The fauna

The wild nature of Suriname is one of the strong points of this little-known country. The north is rarely visited by tourists and yet it is home to incredible and rare fauna thanks to the diverse reserves and national parks.

The Wia Wia Nature Reserve covers 140 miČ and has a colony of 5 species of sea turtles which regularly lay their eggs here: they can be seen from April to June. The Galibi National Reserve and the Coppename Manding National Park are home to a multitude of wild bird species like the toucan, the ibis, the Amazon parrot, and many others.

The south of the country is covered by an impressive tropical forest where jaguars, monkeys, deer, ocelots, tapirs, snakes and caimans can be found.

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