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Sweden's forests, which stretch over 8 and a half million acres, constitute the largest massif in Europe. The forests in the north, which are mainly fir trees, also boast huge birch trees as tall as 2,625 ft high. In contrast, in the south and far south, you will find leafy forests (beeches, oaks and aspens).

  • Forests , Swedish forests , Sweden
    Swedish forests

    Swedish forests are mainly composed of birch trees and conifers in the north and hardwood trees in the south.

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  • Forests , An imposing oak tree, Sweden , Sweden
    An imposing oak tree, Sweden

    Swedish forests occupy 8.6 acres of the national territory, constituting an essential resource for the country's economy.

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  • Forests , Fir trees in the north of Sweden , Sweden
    Fir trees in the north of Sweden

    A hill covered with conifers, which characterise the north of the country

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  • Forests , A play of lights, Sweden , Sweden
    A play of lights, Sweden

    The light plays with the leaves on this tree, creating an enchanting atmosphere

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  • Forests , Between fog and forests , Sweden
    Between fog and forests

    The fog that rises between the trees immerses them in an enchanting and mysterious atmosphere

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  • Forests , A birch tree forest, Sweden , Sweden
    A birch tree forest, Sweden

    Birch trees can grow up to 30 metres and forests of them can actually resemble cathedrals of greenery.

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