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Off the Baltic Coast, the two large islands of Öland and Gotland should not be missed. Accessible from Kalmar over a 4 mile bridge, Öland Island has a very steep coast opposite the straits, many pleasant beaches, sunshine and places of interest (historical relics, rocky pinnacles and 400 windmills). In the heart of the Baltic Sea lies the exotic island of Gotland which has steep limestone cliffs and beaches, as well as lush vegetation ? a result of the sunny weather, particularly in the spring and autumn.

  • Öland and Gotland , The islands of Gotland and Öland , Sweden
    The islands of Gotland and Öland

    These islands located in the Baltic Sea have a rocky coast that is divided into various sections by cliffs and prepices plunging down into the sea.

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  • Öland and Gotland , Sweden's marine wildlife , Sweden
    Sweden's marine wildlife

    The islands of Öland and Gotland provide numerous opportunities for their visitors to discover their marine flora and fauna, which notably include seals and aquatic birds.

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  • Öland and Gotland , Öland and Gotland, Sweden , Sweden
    Öland and Gotland, Sweden

    Two large islands off the east cost of Sweden, Gotland and Öland are very popular among Swedish holidaymakers, but they are less known among international tourists.

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