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Swedish glass Sweden
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Swedish glass

Sweden is renowned not only for its glass but also for its crystal, which is among the most prestigious in the world. The country's first glass factory was founded in 1742 by two generals who were serving in the army of Charles XII. Before then, it was Italy, particularly Venice, which supplied the Swedes with glass. The two men set up a small glass factory called Kosta, however, since glassblowers were scarce in Sweden, they had to hire Bohemian labour. These Bohemians thus formed the foundation of Sweden's crystal glassworks and in the south of the country there is presently a glass road between Kalmar and Vaxjo, along which you can visit several glass factories, including Kosta.

Swedish glass

Swedish glass , Sweden
Swedish glass © Per Magnus Persson / age fotostock
Swedish glass , Sweden
Swedish glass © Anna Kern / age fotostock
Swedish glass , Sweden
Swedish glass © Plattform / age fotostock
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