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The lakes and waterfalls Sweden
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The lakes and waterfalls

In the centre of the country, including the areas surrounding Stockholm and Dalecarlie, there are many lakes, waterfalls and rapids, which will delight the most dedicated fishing and canoeing enthusiasts. Dalecarlie is the where the Fjälls begin, in a range of wild mountains. In this part of the country, only two cities have more than 100,000 inhabitants, the other areas are mostly villages consisting of chalets, where tradition and folklore remain deeply entrenched.

The lakes and waterfalls

The lakes and waterfalls , Waterfalls, Sweden , Sweden
Waterfalls, Sweden

The region of Dalarna, close to Sweden's border with Norway, is one of the country's regions most rich with waterfalls

© Philipp Raspe / age fotostock
The lakes and waterfalls , Sweden's waterways , Sweden
Sweden's waterways

The waterways that criss-cross the country make the landscape perfect for the rich vegetation that characterises it.

© Erhard Nerger / age fotostock
The lakes and waterfalls , Njupeskar Waterfall, Sweden , Sweden
Njupeskar Waterfall, Sweden

Njupeskar Waterfall, located in Fulufjället National park, is the highest in Sweden

© Anton Luhr / age fotostock
The lakes and waterfalls , The lakes in northern Sweden , Sweden
The lakes in northern Sweden

Sweden isn't called the "lake country" for nothing: in total, they occupy an area of approximately 38,500 m²

© ImageSource/ Age Fotostock
The lakes and waterfalls , Alpine lakes, Sweden , Sweden
Alpine lakes, Sweden

There are many alpine lakes in Sweden: they usually have a rather elongated shape and are located in the vast valleys of the Scandinavian Alps.

© Imageshop / age fotostock
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