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The nature reserves Sweden
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The nature reserves

The national parks and nature reserves have been declared National Heritage by UNESCO. Those in the north are particularly mountainous and wild and on the virgin lands there are thousands of snow-capped mountains which alternate with vast expanses of moors and marshes. From June, multitudes of flowers adorn the plains and the valleys.

The nature reserves

The nature reserves , Typically Swedish , Sweden
Typically Swedish

This photo, taken in Rapadalen National Park in Sarek, displays a typical example of the Swedish landscape: the country has many rivers.

Ulrich Krellner / age fotostock
The nature reserves , A natural paradise , Sweden
A natural paradise

Sweden is home to more than 3,100 nature reserves and 28 national parks.

Michael Krabs / age fotostock
The nature reserves , Rivers , Sweden

The entire Swedish territory is crossed from north to south with numerous rivers, which have the characteristic of running parallel to each other.

Johan Hammar / age fotostock
The nature reserves , The Swedish coast , Sweden
The Swedish coast

The coast of the peninsula is rich with fjords and splendid coves.

Mikael Svensson / age fotostock
The nature reserves , Visiting the country by boat , Sweden
Visiting the country by boat

Sweden's many rivers make it a wonderful destination for those with a passion for rafting and canoeing

Mikael Svensson / age fotostock
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