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For sport lovers who wish to commune with nature, the Royal Trail offers the ultimate excursion. This marked trail, which stretches 2,796 miles, links Abisko to Hemavan in Lapland. This excursion allows you to discover different types of landscapes of varied colours, from the valleys and moors to the plateaus, forests and mountains. The Royal Trail is at an altitude of 3,773 ft.

  • The Royal Track , The Royal Trail, Lapland , Sweden
    The Royal Trail, Lapland

    This trail linking Abisko to Hemavan is 280 mi long, its landscape alternating between valleys, moors, forests and mountains.

    Philip Lee Harvey / age fotostock
  • The Royal Track , Swedish Lapland , Sweden
    Swedish Lapland

    The Royal Trail is ideal for discovering the region of Swedish Lapland in the north of the country.

    Kai Honkanen / age fotostock
  • The Royal Track , Trekking in Lapland , Sweden
    Trekking in Lapland

    The Royal Trail in Lapland is an unforgettable experience for those planning on going trekking with their backpack.

    Thomas Kramer / age fotostock
  • The Royal Track , Crossing the bridge, Sweden , Sweden
    Crossing the bridge, Sweden

    A bridge suspended over a large river along the Royal Trail in Swedish Lapland

    Berit Djuse / age fotostock
  • The Royal Track , Swedish Lapland , Sweden
    Swedish Lapland

    These little red houses are typical of Lapland's landscape.

    Ralph Braumer / age fotostock;
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