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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Lying on the shores of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva), Geneva, the headquarters of the United Nations, the Red Cross and over a hundred international organisations, is a highly cosmopolitan city. The city, known as the "Protestant Rome" in the era of Calvin and the Reforms, undoubtedly owes its prosperity to the industious spirit and austerity of the large numbers of French Huguenots who settled there. A walk through the Old City and its charming paved roads leads to a discovery of the city's oldest buildings, like the Baudet tower (4 774 ft), the former arsenal, Tavel House that houses the Museum of Old Geneva, Saint-Paul's cathedral, Calvin college, the Russian church and the Boug-de-Four square, where fairs were held in the olden days. Outside the Old City, the Neuve square is flanked by the Grand-Théâtre, the Rath museum and the Conservatory. Opposite the Grand-Théâtre, you can wander around the Bastions park to view statues of the Reformers. Two parallel streets, known as "low streets", run through the city centre and its numerous shops. On the other side of the Rhône lies the turbulent district of Pâquis known for its lake that offers a good swim, and behind the train station, the Grottes, where you can visit the "home of the Schtroumpfs". A stroll along the quay of the left bank leads to the English garden, Grange park and Eaux-Vives park, via the famous fountain featuring on all of Geneva's post cards. On the right bank, go to the botanical garden with its small zoo and magnificient flower beds. Of course, you cannot miss a trip to the United Nations palace and the international museum of the Red Cross. For museums and galleries, the list is endless. Amongst the unmissable are the modern art museum, the art and history museum, the natural history museum, the Rath museum, the modern and contemporary art museum, the Ethnography museum and the Automobile museum.
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Weather Geneva

These indicators are used as a set of criteria to predict overall weather conditions in Geneva . The different indicators are there to help you prepare for your trip to Geneva so you can make plans based on the weather forecast, whether it be a trip to the beach, walking, visiting attractions and museums or winter sports... Here you'll find a precise, overall weather score for each week in Geneva , which takes into account temperature indicators, bad weather predictions, sunshine levels and wind speeds.

Weather August
Overall rating 63/100
  • Temperature indicators 66% Mild

    Maximim temperature between 20°C and 22°C, the perceived temperature is <30°.

  • Bad weather indicators 52% Showers

    Showers - averaging between 2.5mm and 3.5mm per day.

  • Sunbathing indicators 58% Sunny intervals

    Cloudy with sunny intervals (40% to 60% cloud cover).

  • Wind indicators 76% Light wind

    Light winds (between 6mph and 12mph).

  • Humidity indicators 72% Normal

    Slight feeling of discomfort due air humidity registering higher than 65%.

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