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Tessin is the calmest, the greenest, the sunniest and the loveliest region in the whole of Switzerland. The blend of Mediterranean and Alpine landscapes, glaciers with palms, the laidback and smiling influence from Italy, the beauty of the land and architecture, ranging from the Roman churches to the impudent buildings of Mario Botta, the seaside delights and the luxury hotels... are all ingredients that make Tessin a genuine paradise for dolce vita and the art of good living. You will certainly be charmed by the Bellinzone castles, the romantic valleys of Locarno and the splendid chestnut forests of Malcantone, close to the Italian borders. 10. Grisons: with its 150 valleys, its 600 lakes, its 7 languages and dialects, palms, marmots and ibexes, the Grisons canton offers a diversity unrivalled in Switzerland. The region is a real natural conservatory, endowed with an invigorating and sunny climate, where holiday makers will find a thousand and one options for rest and leisure. Coire, the oldest town in the country, has kept numerous relics of its past and offers a highly southern atmosphere. The Flims, Laax and Falera mountains form the "white arena" in winter, one of the largest skiing grounds in the country. In summer, you can go rafting on the "Swiss Grand Canyon" on the Rhine. Arosa, at the edge of the Schanfigg valley, is a highly-prized sports and holiday resort for its sunny and cool climate. In spring, nothing can beat the charm of the flowery meadows of the Sankt Antönien valley, while in winter, skiers storm the fabulous tracks of the swanky Klosters, Saint-Moritz and Davos resorts. Davos, formerly a centre of therapy for sufferers from depression and tuberculosis, is today known worldwide for its economic forum held yearly in January where all of the finance ministers, eminent experts and leaders of the world are brought together. At Thusis, in the heart of Grisons, the Viamala gorges attract tourists from worldwide. The highly impressive Albula pass opens up to the Engadine, a valley with a beauty which could embarras any existing post card. Make a trip to the home of the philospher Nietzsche at Sils and, as he did, go for a stroll in the open air to find peace of mind. The lakes of the region attract numerous windsurfers and surfers seeking the strong and endless breeze blowing here. Finally, the Grison national park is an absolute wonder for lovers of plants and wildlife, where you can view ibexes, chamois, marmots and stags romping about in the midst of edelweiss and daffodils.

  • Tessin , The green valleys of the canton of Tessin , Switzerland
    The green valleys of the canton of Tessin

    The main language spoken in the canton of Tessin is Italian, followed by French and then German.

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  • Tessin , Switzerland
    The mountains of Ticino

    Like its neighbours, Ticino is also a canton where the mountains cover a large part of the territory.

    © Peter Pfandler / age fotostock
  • Tessin , Switzerland
    A mountain village

    There are many charming mountain villages in the mountains of Ticino.

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  • Tessin , Switzerland
    Colourful valleys

    The valleys of Ticino are often quite colourful and the architecture is influenced by neighbouring Italy.

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  • Tessin , Switzerland
    Lavertezzo Bridge

    Courageous divers jump from this double bridge into the river that runs below.

    © ZoonarO Cramm / age fotostock
  • Tessin , Switzerland
    Lugano and Locarno

    Lugano and Locarno are the two main cities the canton of Ticino. Both are located on the edge of two of Italy's biggest lakes.

    © Joana Kruse / age fotostock
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