• Of the three rivers that cross through Zurich, Limmat is the largest.
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    The Limmat

    Of the three rivers that cross through Zurich, Limmat is the largest.

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With a population of over a million, Zurich is the largest urban centre in the country. It is also the business and financial capital and a major centre of attraction for art lovers and night owls. The "Little big City", as it is called, is divided into twelve districts (Kreis). The first comprising the Old Town and its famous Bahnhofstrasse, is the most prized destination for tourists. The Sankt-Peter church, dating back to the 7th Century, is the oldest building in Zurich. Just nearby, lies the Lindenhof, a historical site shaded by limetrees. The Schipfe neighbourhood has lovely small streets, running along the Limmat, and the Frauenmünster church, a former cloister for the noble women of the city, with stained glass windows, some of which were designed by Giacometti and Chagall. The highly romantic neighbourhood of Niederdorf is a concentration of pedestrian alleys, teeming with shops and road side cafés. The cathedral (Grossmünster) overlooks the entire setting with its imposing and austere lines. Around the lake, walkways have been developed, that become lively with visitors in nice weather. Slightly unusual, the Chinese garden offers a peaceful place to wander aimlessly, while just nearby is the home of Heidi Weber, designed by the architect, Le Corbustier. For swimming, go to the Utoquai public baths, a pool built by the lake, surrounded by wooden buildings on stilts, or even to Badi am Stadhausquai (for women only) and to the Schanzengraben baths (for men only). You can equally go for a stroll in the Arboretum and the botanical garden, and visit a number of top-notch museums: the Fine Arts museum (Kunsthaus), the Rietberg and the Swiss national museum.

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