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Syria : Discover the country's culture

Syria : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

4000-3300 BC: Trading posts along the Euphrates. Writing starts.
2900 BC: founding of Mari and Ebla.
1610-1580 BC: The Hittites destroy Halap and Ebla and took over Babylon.
1470-1450 BC: Egyptian protectorate over Syria.
1350-1180 BC: Hittite empire in Syria, from the Euphrates through the Mediterranean to Damas.
856-612 BC: Assyrians conquer Syria. Damas is conquered in 732.
605-539 BC: Neobabylonian empire in Syria.
539 BC: Persians replace the Assyrians.
333 BC: Alexander the Great occupies Syria.
301 BC: Alexander's empire is divided. Damascus is given to the Lagides. Northern Syria is given to Seleucos.
64: Pompey annexes Syria in the name of Rome.
105: Trajan founds the province of Syria.
193-211: Reign of Septime Severe. Founding of the Syrian dynasty.
267-272: Zenobia, queen of Palmyre.
531-579: Persians in Syria.
611-622: Chosroes II chases away the Romans and occupies Syria.
622-629: Byzantium reconquers Damas.
634-638: Muslim Arabs conquer Syria.
660-750: Omeyyade dynasty. Damascus is made capital.
750-968: califat abbasside. Bagdad capital.
970-1072: Fatimids take over Damas and southern Syria.
1069-1085: Turcomans and Seljukids take total control of Syria.
1071: Battle of Manzikert. Seljukids take control of Syria. Fatimids have control of the coast.
1099: Crusaders conquer Jerusalem. Franc kingdoms in Syria.
1187: Battle of Hattin. Saladin reconquers the crusaders' strongholds.
1260-1516: Mameluk dynasty in Syria. Damascus becomes second city of the Empire.
1291: Fall of Acre End of the reign of the Crusaders in Syria.
1260-1400: Mongolians invade Syria.
1516-1918: Syria becomes a province of the Ottoman Empire.
1797-1801: French expedition in Syria Incursion in southern Syria.
1860: Muslims and Druzes revolt against Lebanese and Syrian Christians. French invasion.
1916: Hedjaz's revolt against Ottomans, Greman allies.
1918: final retreat of Ottomans from Syria.
1920: Syria proclaims its independence during the Syrian General Congress. Start of the French mandate in Syria in July
1941: General Catroux proclaims the independence of Syria and Lebanon. Official end of French mandate.
1949-1951: Coup d'Etat. Military dictatorship until 1954.
1958: Proclamation of the United Arab Republic, Egypt-Syria.
1961: Coup d'Etat. Syria recovers its independence.
1970: Hafez-El-Assad takes over power.
1973: fourth Arab-Israeli war.
1976: Syrian invasion in Lebanon.
1990: The Gulf War. Syria and the United States of America against Iraq.
1992: start of Israeli-Syrian negotiations.
1994: Clinton-Assad meeting. Relaunch of negotiations.
2000: death of President Hafez-el-Assad. His son, Bachar al-Assad, takes over.

Syria : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January: New Year.
8 March: Anniversary of the Revolution.
21 March: Day of the Arab League.
17 April: Independence Day.
March or April: Catholic and Orthodox Easter.
1st May: Labour Day.
Around May: Anniversary of the Prophet.
6 May:
Martyrs Day.
6 October: Commemoration of the war of 1973.
Around September/October: Start of the Ramadan.
Around November: Ad Al-Fitr (end of Ramadan).

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