• In the heart of Peikang lies the Ma-tsu temple dedicated to the goddess of the sea....
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  • Formosa's former capital represents traditional Taiwan with its 10,000 temples, numerous celebrations and diverse architecture.
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  • The oldest and most complete of the Taiwanese temples dedicated to Confucius.
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  • The famous noodles from the Danzai restaurant in Tainan have been famous throughout the country since 1895.
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  • Visit Tainan for its charm, its traditional lifestyle and its cool nights.
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  • It is very pleasant to wander along its typical little streets.
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  • You can find everything here, especially when it comes to local culinary specialities.
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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Taïwan

The ancient capital of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) from the late 17th century to the end of the 19th century, this port city on the south-west coast represents the traditional Taiwan with its 300 temples, including the famous Confucius Temple, its numerous festivals and the diversity of its architecture. Visit Tainan for its charm, its old-fashioned lifestyle and its cool nights illuminated by a sea of fluorescent lights. The night markets in Tainan are among the most famous in the country. These busy markets combine a carnival and flea market atmosphere, and reek of stinky tofu. You can enjoy a manicure here just as easily as you can try intestines or duck tongue!

Tainan: what to do?

It's one of the best places in Taiwan to see a religious procession, a puppet show, a street opera or a traditional party.

The Confucius Temple, completed in 1666, is said to have the power to cast out demons. This spectacular building has been perfectly preserved and is surrounded by a delightful garden of banyan trees. It is the oldest and most complete Taiwanese temple dedicated to Confucius, a contemporary of Buddha in the 6th century B.C. The Chihkan Tower, classes as a historical monument, gathers the last remnants of Fort Provintia, a fortress built by the Dutch in 1653, which was taken by the General Koxinga in 1661, who then drove the Dutch settlers away in 1662. You should also visit the remains of the old Fort Anping, also known as Fort Zeelandia.

  • The charm and authenticity of the former capital.
  • The rich cultural heritage.
  • The food.
  • The traffic jams.


Take business cards, the Taiwanese love them! You present them holding it with both hands and tilting the head slightly forward. Take your time to read the business card so as not to offend the person you are speaking to. The island of Taiwan is located in a region of high seismic activity. It is strongly advisable to seek information on what to do in case of an earthquake. The typhoon season runs from July to October. Many Taiwanese speak English, but it is advisable to write down your destination in Chinese, especially when taking a taxi.

To avoid

The typhoon season from July to October.

Tainan: what to eat?

Taiwanese cuisine is one of the great things about this destination, as it is one of the world's finest and richest, combining influences from all Asian cuisines. Take part in a tea ceremony - an unmissable experience in Taiwan. Oolong green tea is the most famous. Tainan's famous Danzai noodles are renowned throughout the country. Since 1895, the Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant specialising in noodles has continued this tradition passed down from generation to generation. The dishes are prepared on a traditional stove which is located near the entrance. Celebrities and politicians flock to this top restaurant in Tainan, recommended by the Michelin guide. It is a complete different atmosphere in the night markets, where the more adventurous can not only try stinky tofu but also intestines and duck tongue! You can enjoy an omelet with oysters in front of Fort Zeelandia, also called Fort Anping.

Tainan: what to buy?

The cost of living is cheap in Taiwan, and you can find electric equipment and computers in particular at unbeatable prices. Fans of 'Hello Kitty', the famous little white cat, is as much a beloved character in Taiwan as she is in Japan: she is impossible to escape! Many brand-derived products are sold here much cheaper than in the UK. A trip to Taiwan is the perfect opportunity to bring back some of the most famous teas in the world, and even the tea set that goes with it.

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