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Built in 1965 on the hills north of Taipei, the National Palace Museum is one of the foremost attractions of the capital city, an unmissable site for any visitor to Taiwan. This ultramodern museum, one of the most magnificient on the globe, holds no less than 653,597 works of art (twice the collection of the Louvre museum) covering 5,000 years of Chinese history, from the Neolithic period to the Qing dynasty. This accounts for 75% of the world collection of Chinese art, including the whole gamut of imperial collections. A collection so rich that it changes every three months! The art of Chinese calligraphy, pottery, ivory, figurines, lacquer, paintings, antiquities, statues, bronzeware, arms, cauldrons, jade, ceramics, Buddhas, tapestry, embroidery, rare books and other precious documents are displayed on three floors. The largest Asian art museum on the planet was entirely refurbished recently, leading to a better promotion of its collections via the modernisation of exhibition spaces.

  • The Grand Hotel Taipei, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    The Grand Hotel Taipei

    With a shape that is both massive and gracious, it can be seen from for away thanks to its typical vermilion red colour.

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  • An institution in Taiwan, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    An institution in Taiwan

    More than just a hotel, it is a monument in its own right, part of the national heritage and a genuine institution in the country.

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  • A legendary hotel, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    A legendary hotel

    Generally hosting officials and important government representatives on official visits to Taipei, it was managed by Madame Tchang Ka´-Chek for many years.

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  • A temple? No, a hotel!, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    A temple? No, a hotel!

    Its gorgeous curved roof brings to mind a massive Chinese temple.

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  • The symbol of the city, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    The symbol of the city

    This hotel can be visited and is really worth stopping in at for a look.

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  • Gastronomic cuisine, The National Palace Museum, Monuments, Taiwan
    Gastronomic cuisine

    Take the opportunity to enjoy a meal in one of its gourmet restaurants offering delicious and refined cuisine, and from where you can take in an astounding panorama of Taipei.

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