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Taiwan enjoys an extraordinary diversity: the landscape is a succession of sudden changes from the jagged coasts of the Pacific to the snow-capped summits of the central mountains, that peak at Mount Yushan, the Jade mountain that rises up to 12 966 feet In Hsitou, the giant bamboo forest is impressive. The fluvial plains are equally a succession of paddy fields and tropical fruit orchards. From the lush valleys and the quiet lakes to the splendid beaches of the south, the natural spectacles will fascinate any visitor. The Portuguese, the first Westerners to arrive on the island in 1590, were right to christen the island "Formosa" the beautiful!


The Taiwanese do not have a seaside culture per se and the north coast is visited mostly for its superb landscapes with jagged coasts lined with tourist villages like Jiufen and Yeliu. Lovers of lounging and white sand beaches with coconut trees will find happiness on the south coast of the island with its more tropical environment.

Arts and culture

Boasting its Chinese, Aboriginal, Hakka, Japanese, Western and South-East Asian influences, Taiwan offers an impressive cultural diversity marked by the multiplicity of festivals held all year round. This destination is an absolute delight for those who enjoy ballet and opera, without forgetting puppet shows. Martial arts, calligraphy, alternative medicine, and even tea, are an art in Taiwan! You can admire the treasures of antique China via the numerous museums in the country, but the high point lies in Taipei's National Palace museum.

The fauna and flora

Taiwan's fauna and flora is incredibly varied. Its black forest is filled with vegetation that dates back between 30 and 60 million years, with specimens like the 'Taxus sumatrana' and the mangrove. It's also notably the habitat of the oldest species of amphibian in the world, the Taiwan salamander, the Formosan black bear and the Mikado Pheasant. On a wander through the forest, visitors will also spot rhododendrons, cherry trees and maple leafs. Indeed, when it comes to observing the country's fauna and flora, there's nothing better than taking a walk through one of Taiwan's protected areas, national parks, forests or nature reserves.

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