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90 % of Tajikistan is mountainous. Half of the territory is over 9843 ft high in altitude. In the West there are lowlands divided in two by Fan chains. Several mountain torrents supply the two main rivers in Tajikistan, the Sir Daria river, flowing through the northeast of the country, and Amu Daria, on the southern border.

The fauna and flora

Vegetation in Tajikistan, a very mountainous country, mostly grows on the steppes and in the high mountain pastures, where rare flowers like the Edelweiss and the mugwort can even be found growing. The other type of landscape you will find here are the cotton fields in the region of Dushanbé.

In terms of fauna, in Tajikistan you can find large mammals like bears, snow leopards, wolves, yak, ibex and wild boar. The golden eagle also makes up part of the scenery. Marco Polo sheep are difficult to spot since the species lives at more than 4,000m of altitude.

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