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Tajikistan's wildlife is rich and varied. There are big mountainous mammals: bears, snow leopards, wolves, yacks, ibexes, "Marco Polo" sheep hunted for their amazing spiral horns, but also predators such as the Golden eagle which is the most elegant species., Another quite strange animal, the yeti (sniejnii tcheloviek, litterally abominable man of snow) continues to haunt the Tajik mountains.

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    The flora in Tajikistan

    The land of the Pamirs is characterised by steppe vegetation

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    The cotton culture

    Cotton production is one of the major sources of revenue in Tajikistan. A large part of the population lives on this crop, which keeps one third of the population employed.

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    The Tajikistan blueberry

    An exclusively mountainous country, Tajikistan's flora is typical of what you find in the high plateaus. This includes the blueberry, which can be found in a number of desserts.

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    A rural country

    74% of the Tajik population lives in rural areas. The agriculture here represents 24.5% of the GDP.

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