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A one-hour drive from Bangkok, Ayutthaya, a less "ancient" city than Sukhotai, is nicknamed the "glorious city of the 33 kings." It was founded in 1350, on an island where the rivers Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Pasak meet. The Burmese devastated the site in 1767, but they spared the magnificient temple ruins lying on a maze of canals spanning 87 miles. With its one million inhabitants, the lake city boasts vestiges scattered on both the island (Chao Phraya National Museum and its Siamese works of art plus the Vihan Phra Mongkol Bopitr sanctuary that houses the largest Buddha in the country) and around, in a modern city that has managed to preserve its rustic charm.

  • Ayutthaya, Thailand, Ayutthaya, Monuments, Ayutthaya, Thailand
    Ayutthaya, Thailand

    Ayutthaya is home to the Bophit Wihan Mongkhon, where visitors can admire the large bronze statue of Buddha.

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  • Ayutthaya , The Ayutthaya ruins, Thailand , Thailand
    The Ayutthaya ruins, Thailand

    The Ayutthaya ruins incorporate over a dozen different sites which notably include a Sleeping Buddha.

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  • Ayutthaya , The city of Ayutthaya, Thailand , Thailand
    The city of Ayutthaya, Thailand

    The city of Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 when it was known as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

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  • Ayutthaya , The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Thailand , Thailand
    The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Thailand

    The Kingdom of Ayutthaya was pillaged and destroyed by the Burmese and its ruins have now been declared a site of historic interest.

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  • Ayutthaya , Gold leaves, Thailand , Thailand
    Gold leaves, Thailand

    Buddhists cover statues of Buddha in gold leaves when praying.

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  • Ayutthaya , The Ayutthaya market, Thailand , Thailand
    The Ayutthaya market, Thailand

    As is common throughout the country, Ayutthaya has various open air restaurants where you can sample authentic Thai cuisine.

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