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Lying between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Sukhotai was the capital of the first Siamese kingdom from 1257 to 1379. Today, it embodies the historical symbols most cherished by the people of Thailand, who actually form the bulk of visitors, with a visiting rate of over 80%. Nicknamed the "city of happiness", Sukhotai symbolises the emergence of the Siamese nation and its ensuing artistic and political fervour. From this golden age, in the midst of peaceful paddy fields, many monuments have survived, notably temples and stupas with perfect lines, as well as majestic brick Buddhas shrouded in saffron robes. From 1277 to 1317, the city was ruled by Rama Khamhaeng, a charismatic king who gave his name to the present National Museum in a garden at the heart of the archeological site. A few kilometres to the north, the ancient cities of Si Satchanalai and Chaliang, dating back to the same era but not restored as such, equally exude much charm.

  • Sukhothai, Thailand, Sukhotai, Monuments, Sukhothai, Thailand
    Sukhothai, Thailand

    Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam.

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  • Sukhotai , The ruins of Sukhothai, Thailand , Thailand
    The ruins of Sukhothai, Thailand

    The city was founded in 1238.

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  • Sukhotai , World heritage, Thailand , Thailand
    World heritage, Thailand

    Sukhothai has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1991.

  • Sukhotai , Wat Chang Lom, Thailand , Thailand
    Wat Chang Lom, Thailand

    Wat Chang Lom is a Buddhist temple.

  • Sukhotai , Wat Chang Lom ruins, Thailand , Thailand
    Wat Chang Lom ruins, Thailand

    The name of this place means "surrounded by elephants".

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  • Sukhotai , Sukhothai's elephants, Thailand , Thailand
    Sukhothai's elephants, Thailand

    Elephants stand guard at the entrance to the city.

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