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Well-being, Thailand, Well-being, Activities and leisure, Thailand
Well-being, Thailand

Massages in Thailand incorporate various natural raw materials.

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Well-being Thailand
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Well-being

Just like Thai cuisine, Thai massages are known around the world! Well-being in Thailand is taken very seriously, much to the delight of fans of these treatments. Here, plants purify and regenerate the body and the spirit. What seems to be a trend in the Western world has existed in Thailand for centuries. Modern medicine is often set aside to make way for remedies created by herbalists. Traditional Thai medicine is based on the four elements (water, wind, earth and fire) and explains that a disease appears when the balance among them is broken.

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Le bien-Ítre , Hotel spas, Thailand , Thailand
Hotel spas, Thailand

Most Thai hotels have a spa, but the best facilities are without a doubt to be found in the Banyan Tree Phuket.

Le bien-Ítre , Meditation, Thailand , Thailand
Meditation, Thailand

The aim of meditation is to find inner peace.

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Le bien-Ítre , Thai massage, Thailand , Thailand
Thai massage, Thailand

Traditional Thai massage focuses on unblocking the flows of energy in the body.

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Le bien-Ítre , Massage techniques, Thailand , Thailand
Massage techniques, Thailand

A number of massage techniques are used to relax the body, one of which makes use of pressure points.

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Le bien-Ítre , Thermal treatments, Thailand , Thailand
Thermal treatments, Thailand

Thermal treatments are very new to Thailand. Today, several resorts also offer more traditional treatments.

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