A walk on the wild side in the Falkland Islands

Situated to the southeast of South America, close to the Antarctic and Cap Horn, the Falklands Islands were discovered by a Spanish expedition in 1520. More than 200 years later, sailors from Saint-Malo settled in the land, and named the islands after their country. These Saint-Malo natives were later chased off by the Spanish. The islands were later populated before Argentina set up a penal colony. Great Britain conquered the islands in 1833. Dotted with grass tufts, deep inside a grey and often agitated sea, these pieces of land buried in the middle of the Atlantic are home to auks, albatrosses and killer whales... Those who travel to the Falkland Islands will find plenty to discover.
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  • The Falkland Islands
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The Falkland islands: the key figures

Surface area : 12170.0 km2

Population : 2967 inhabitants

  • The Falkland islands are a dreamland for animal watchers, who can observe both marine and land animals.
  • You feel you have reached the end of the world, the perfect place to put things together, enjoy fresh air and write your first novel.
  • From the continent, boat shuttles are rare (every six weeks).
  • The weather is specially fresh and wet.

The Falkland islands: what to visit?



The fauna and flora

The Falkland islands: what to buy?

Traditionally, most visitors to the Falklands return with a sheep-wool cable-knit sweater.

The Falkland islands: what to eat?

"Fish and chips", shrimp sandwiches... The best English cuisine is available here. The difference being that the fish is fished a few miles away, or rather a few feet from the eating area.

The Falkland islands: main cities

The Falkland islands: what are the cultural particularities?

The Falkland islands natives, of British and Chilean descendants, are very hospitable. If you meet them while on the road, they won't hesitate to invite you to take a "smoko" in their homes (a very hot tea enjoyed in the middle of the morning).
Each year, inhabitants of the island come together between Chirstmas and the 1st January for a great annual winter feast where several horse races and rodeo contests are also held.

The Falkland islands: travel tips

If you travel so far, you may as well spend a few days strolling along the cliffs, watching penguins and other sea mammals, or reading by the fireside. On New Island, give yourself a treat by staying in the lodge of Ian and Maria Strange (Telephone: 211 85). Rather simple, but at the end of the world, it deserves a stop! Also go for a round of fishing, the fishing of trout starts on the 1st September and ends on the 30th April.

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