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The Falkland islands : Discover the country's culture



- Falkland Island. Guide Bradt Publication.

The Falkland islands : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1592: the British sailor John Davis discovered the island.

1690: the English conquered the island and gave it the name Falklands.

1764: French sailors from Saint-Malo were the first to colonise the archipelago and named it Malouines.

1766:Spanish chased off the French and English, who had been sharing the islands.
They controlled the archipelago until the beginning of the 19th century.

Beginning of the 19th century: South American countries revolted against Spanish settlers. Spain abandoned the Falklands.

1820: Argentina, freed from Spanish rule, controlled the Falklands for a few years and names them The Malvinas.

1833: English reconquered the Falklands. A few British colonists settled in the islands.

1892: the Falklands become a British colony.

1982: Falklands War. Argentina reconquered the archipelago. But two months later, they lost the territory again, to the British.

The Falkland islands : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January: New Year's Day.
10th April 2009: Good Friday.
13th April 2009: Easter Monday.
14th June: Liberation Day
6th 0ctober: Spring feast
8th December: Day of the battle against Argentina.
25th December: Christmas Day.

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