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Visiting the Falkland Islands is a bit like travelling to the end of the earth. Located in the South Atlantic, 298 miles from South America, the Falklands archipelago is an ideal base for exploring the Antarctic, which is 745 miles away.

The Falkland Islands consist of two main islands, East Falkland and West Falkland, which are surrounded by some 700 islets. The deeply indented coasts provide many places to anchor a boat. The sheltered coves, long white sandy beaches, and staggering cliffs offer travellers rich and varied panoramas that are particularly popular with photographers.

The land, mainly consisting of moors and grassland, is lined with rivers, ponds and lakes. The latter, which are generally shallow, liven up the arid landscapes that are often unwelcoming at first.

The islands are relatively hilly. The highest point, Mount Usborne, reaches an altitude of 705m. The strange 'rivers' of stone in certain places remain a mystery.


These islands close to Cape Horn, which are like little pieces of land plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, are notably known for their coasts where visitors can admire the essentially maritime fauna at every opportunity. Sea Lion Island is a popular destination for ecological tourism. Here you can admire seals, including elephant seals, and numerous different bird species. West Falkland, the archipelago's second largest island, is home to 200 inhabitants and many different bird species, including the Patagonian Crested Duck.

The fauna and flora

Visit the Falklands for its wildlife. Imagine: a piece of land, free of houses and tourist buses, and there on the shore, colonies of penguins, sea elephants, a killer whale and its baby passing in the water, a few dolphins and, in the sky, albatrosses flying majestically. All the islands have the same look. The biggest and most accessible to visitors are New Island and Carcass in the western part of the archipelago.

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