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Feuillère Beach in Capesterre is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Marie-Galante. Light reflects beautifully off emerald colour of the lagoon and the shadows of coconut trees are strewn over the golden sand.

  • Feuillere Beach, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante
    Feuillere Beach

    Feuillere Beach, with its white sand and coconut trees, is known for being the most beautiful beach on the island.

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  • Beautiful beach, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante
    Beautiful beach

    The beach is located just west of Capesterre on Marie-Galante.

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  • Relax, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante

    This 1km stretch of beach provides plenty of space and coconut trees under which you can relax.

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  • Try the local cuisine, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante
    Try the local cuisine

    You will find restaurants dotted along the beach front.

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  • Stunning scenes, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante
    Stunning scenes

    Beautiful sand and emerald waters.

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  • The lagoon, Feuillere beach, Coasts, Marie-Galante
    The lagoon

    The lagoon is protected by a coral reef.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
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