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Dreaded by all of the Guadeloupian people, the manchineel is a tree whose acidic sap burns the skin. Careful, some are planted near the beaches. Its fruit looks like a small yellowish apple.
Conversely, the sea grape produces small delicious fruits that look like edible grapes.
Each season has its own blossoming. The Poinciana tree, a long rangy tree, becomes purple as soon as the first rains fall. The yellow, pink or red flowers of the bougainvilleas, the colourful alamdandas and the hibiscuses brighten up the gardens and the sides of the roads. In the underbushes, the flora contains porcelain roses, anthuriums, orchids, tropical amaryllises, and even lavender from the Antilles.

  • Flora , Flowers , Guadelupe

    Just like the alpinia, the plants and flowers of Guadeloupe tend to be brightly coloured.

    © René Mattes
  • Flora , Guadelupe

    From orchids and bougainvilleas to hibiscus plants, there are simply thousands of species to be found in Guadeloupe.

    © Jeanne Brette
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    Yellow allamanda

    This brightly coloured flower gives off an irritating fragrance.

    © Ri Dubus
  • Flora , Alpinia , Guadelupe

    The alpinia is generally red or pink and is found in tropical forests.

    © Ri Dubus
  • Flora , Red hibiscus , Guadelupe
    Red hibiscus

    The hibiscus can vary in colour several times throughout the year.

    © René Mattes
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    The flowers you'll find here can look as different as they do enchanting.

    © René Mattes
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