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You cannot go to Guadeloupe without tasting West Indian rum. It is THE local drink. Early in the morning, at happy hour or in the late evening, people drink rum at every hour of the day and of the night. It also has different names just like the renowned "ti-punch' of cocktail time for example. The drink is obtained by fermenting sugar cane juice (about 10 kgs are necessary to obtain a litre). To discover the different steps of fabrication, there is nothing better than to visit the island's distilleries in where you can also taste the different varieties of rum and punch.

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    Rum from the Antilles

    There are seven distilleries in Guadeloupe: Bielle, Saint Séverin, Montebello, Longueteau, Père Labat, Reimonenq and Damoiseau, and three on Marie-Galante.

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    Sugar cane in Guadeloupe

    Rum is made using fermented sugar cane juice.

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    Harvesting sugar cane

    Sugar cane is harvested between January and July, and the process must be completed quickly. It takes 10 kg of sugar cane to produce 1 litre of rum.

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    Making rum

    The rum gets its flavour from the yeast, the water and the way the stills are controlled. Some of them are aged for 5, 10 or 15 years.

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    Distilleries in Guadeloupe

    The majority of the 7 distilleries in Guadeloupe are open to the general public, but only the Séverin distillery offers a ride in a little train, which is sure to appeal to people of all ages.

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  • Rum , 'Rhum arrangé', Ti'punch and 'Planteur' , The islands of Guadeloupe
    'Rhum arrangé', Ti'punch and 'Planteur'

    These are the three most popular rum-based cocktails in Guadeloupe. Be careful: combined with the sun, rum can be treacherous!

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