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Discover The Victor-Schoelcher Museum The islands of Guadeloupe

Victor Schoelcher, congressman of Martinique, is the the man who succeeded in ending slavery thanks to the decree he passed on April 27th, 1848. To pay a tribute to him, the city of Pointe-à-Pitre dedicated this museum of colonial architecture to him. At first, the collection was composed of a good number of porcelains that came from his father's factory and personal objects. But in 1928, a large part of it was destroyed during the hurricane. Then, the museum was enriched with different documents on slavery and engravings from the 18th century.

  • The Victor-Schoelcher Museum , Carnival , The islands of Guadeloupe

    Guadeloupe Carnival is a time for partying, for tourists and locals alike.

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  • The Victor-Schoelcher Museum , Carnival dates , The islands of Guadeloupe
    Carnival dates

    Guadeloupe Carnival begins on the Friday after Epiphany and ends on Ash Wednesday.

  • The Victor-Schoelcher Museum , Costumes , The islands of Guadeloupe

    People dress in colourful, impressive costumes for the processions and dances that take place for the whole duration of the carnival.

  • The Victor-Sch?lcher Museum , The carnival's origins , Guadelupe
    The carnival's origins

    Of a religious origin, the carnival provides Christians with a final opportunity to let their hair down and eat meat before starting forty days of fasting over the period of Lent.

    © Philippe Giraud
  • The Victor-Sch?lcher Museum , Dances , Guadelupe

    The carnival soon becomes a feverish swirl of vibrant colours, and the dancing never seems to stop!

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  • The Victor-Sch?lcher Museum , The parade , Guadelupe
    The parade

    Everyone can get involved in the noisy street processions that colourfully converge in the venues where the partying takes place.

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