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The Guadeloupian seabeds abound in animals and plants. Corals, sea fans and sponges form a coral reef that hosts about 250 fish species. Among them, you will find the surgeonfish, the boxfish, parrot-fish, angelfish but also morays, shellfish, anemones, jellyfish, starfish and sea cucumber. Several species of turtles have also chosen the Guadeloupian waters as their habitat. The imbricate turtle is also among the most frequently observed animals. Like the name indicates it, its carapace is formed by imbricate shells like tiles on a roof. It lives in the coral reefs and the rocky areas that are not too deep, exclusively eating sponges. Off the shore of Guadeloupe, you will certainly have the chance to see dolphins, sperm whales and whales.

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    There are over 250 species of fish to be found in the waters of Guadeloupe.

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  • Damselfish, Undersea beds, The fauna and flora, Guadelupe

    You don't have to be an experienced diver to explore the underwater wildlife here.

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  • The clownfish, Undersea beds, The fauna and flora, Guadelupe
    The clownfish

    Despite its bright colours, you won't find any clownfish in the colourful waters of the Caribbean.

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  • A sea turtle, Undersea beds, The fauna and flora, Guadelupe
    A sea turtle

    There is a very large turtle population in the warm waters of the Caribbean, much to the delight of passing divers. Do take care not to disturb them though!

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  • A moray eel, Undersea beds, The fauna and flora, Guadelupe
    A moray eel

    Sheltering in the nooks and crannies of the coral and the rocks, the moray eel is harmless enough as long as you keep your fingers away from any crevices.

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    There are, of course, plenty of other fish in the Caribbean Sea, which bring a great deal of colour to this underwater scene.

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