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Underwater wildlife The islands of Guadeloupe
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Underwater wildlife

Most of the island's fauna and flora is underwater. Fifteen diving sites are in operation on the steep slope of Saint-Louis bay (in the west). This is where you will see red and yellow sponges, anemones, urchins and black corals. There are also many fish species: lionfish, multicoloured parrot fish, convict-uniform fish, batfish and trumpet fish which perform an endless ballet dance and balloonfish pump up as you come closer. Green or dotted morays only let their heads through a hole in the rock. You might be lucky to see the deep sea monsters - sharks or manta rays - however, they are among the fauna that are almost always hiding!

Underwater wildlife

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The fauna and flora
The islands of Guadeloupe : Discover our cities Pointe à Pitre
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  • Bouillante Bouillante
  • Gosier Gosier
  • Deshaies Deshaies
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  • Trois Rivieres Trois Rivieres
  • St François St François
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  • Sainte-Anne Sainte-Anne, Guadelupe, The islands of Guadeloupe,
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The islands of Guadeloupe : The regions

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  • Marie-Galante