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The Piazza San Pietro

From the edge of the Tiber, enter Vatican City via piazza Pius XII and on to via della Conciliazone. St Peter's Place opens in front of you, encircled by a double, elliptical shaped colonnade with an obelisk in the centre. Opposite you is the largest basilica in the world.

The surrounding areas of the Vatican

Although the Vatican is an independent State, it is at the heart of Rome and cannot be disassociated from the Eternal City. There are many churches nearby as well as the Castel Sant'Angelo. Take the Passetto di Borgo, a passage linking Rome to the Vatican City. A corridor measuring around 800m long and 10m high, it was used as an escape route several times for popes in danger. After many long restorations, the Passetto is currently accessible to the public but limited to small groups: best to book your visit in advance. As for the castle, it houses a museum where you can admire numerous collections of Renaissance-era paintings and ceramics, as well as decorations, sculptures and vestiges from the Roman era extracted during the excavation of Hadrian's sepulchre.

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