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Togo is the smallest country in Africa and yet it is definitely not lacking in landscapes, which will charm you at first sight.

In the south-west of the country, the forest-covered mountains lined with waterfalls shelter teak, coffee and cacao plantations, not to mention exotic orchards. More to the north, the plateaus give way to vast plains that are used for agriculture and breeding. In the extreme north of the country, on the border of the Sahara, the land is covered with the semi-arid savannas of the Sahel, where you can see baobab and shea trees growing. As for the coastal zone, it is lined with fine sand and coconut trees.


There are numerous little fishing villages to be discovered along Togo's coasts. In addition to Lake Togo, where it is possible to participate in various water sports activities, the country is home to a number of superb fine sand beaches, which notably include those in Baguida and Avepozo.

Arts and culture

Along with Benin, Togo is the African country where voodoo rituals are the most widespread. Fans of mysticism and magic will be overjoyed in Togo. Voodoo festivities take place at the beginning of September in Glidji and provide a good insight into Togolese folklore, which is mostly comprised of traditional dance and music.

Every region has its own traditions linked to the history and the ancestors of the various tribes. They each also have their own particular rituals: dances which may be joyous, macabre or violent, and danced on stilts, by hunters or young virgins; and entrancing texts.

Artisanry also plays a dominant role in Togolese culture. It is characterised by ceramics, pottery, basketry, sculpture, batik and wood-burning. The Togolese use natural materials like wood, stone, fibres, clay and hides to create authentic objects.

The fauna

Although a large part of Togo's fauna was decimated during the conflict in the 90s, several wild species can still be found. Located in the Kara region, the Sarakawa National Park (the 'President's Park') is home to recently reintroduced animals from South Africa. These include wildebeests, zebras, monkeys, tortoises and, with a bit of luck, you might see some crocodiles.

Small game and birds abound in the dense forests in the south, especially the agouti (a type of rodent). Crocodiles and hippos fill the rivers and can be spotted in the savannas in the north of the country (in the Mango region). The north is also the kingdom of large mammals, like buffalo, antelopes, elephants and lions, which can be seen in Keran National Park. Finally, you can discover many monkey and snake species here as well.

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