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Camp under the stars: this year's best festivals

Summer's approaching and all you want to do is sit back, relax and do nothing. Well think again! If you're passionate about music, are in need of escaping the daily grind, if you relish meeting new people and, vitally, love wearing wellies, it's time to put all those elements together and go to one of Europe's top music festivals. You can let loose in a variety of European locations, such as France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Croatia, to name but a few. Or, you could stay closer to home and try out Latitude or Hop Farm, two festivals in the South of England. While the weather can't be guaranteed, an amazing line-up most certainly can. Whether you go purely to see your favourite bands in action, to socialise with your campsite neighbours or for the festival experience as a whole, start getting ready as we take a look at ten of the best festivals that are happening this year. The countdown has begun!