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Focus: Doing your bit on holiday: 10 easy tips

6 - Buy local

Doing your bit on holiday: 10 easy tips © Copyright

It's always preferable to buy local, seasonal products where possible and, of course, if they suit your taste! Discovering new smells, tastes and sensations while on holiday is all part of the experience. Any exotic (for the host country) product and any food brought in from the home countries of the tourists holidaying in a particular destination to satisfy them, necessitate transportation by air, sea or road. Therefore eating exactly what you do at home while away contributes to the pollution brought about by importing these goods. In a similar way, going to a restaurant situated in either an isolated setting or one that is difficult to access also involves products being brought in, causing pollution which could easily be avoided. We may also be tempted to be daring and try some local delicacies unknown at home. Watch out for these as many species are endangered due to overconsumption (bluefin tuna, tortoises etc). As a result, many countries have banned the consumption of various species, although these restrictions are not always observed by locals. Be vigilant!

Choose your souvenirs with a conscience Watch your carbon footprint