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Focus: Doing your bit on holiday: 10 easy tips

9 - No more motorised activities

Doing your bit on holiday: 10 easy tips © Copyright

There are today a plethora of both touristic and sporting activities on offer at many holiday destinations around the world, in particular in those spots where all-inclusive packages are common. If you want to engage in these in the most ecological way, then think about not taking part in motorised activities. The most popular water spots (jet-ski, parasailing, water skiing) are practiced to the detriment of many others which have absolutely no effect on the environment such as kite surfing, yachting, windsurfing, catamaran, free diving and kayaking. On dry land the activities to consider are hiking, climbing, horse riding, pot holing, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Skiing in the traditional sense, practiced by the vast majority of visitors to the slopes, requires mechanical operations which consume energy. Snow cannons, which are also necessary at ski resorts, are polluting too. Another sport which is damaging to the environment is golf, which demands huge quantities of water to keep the greens green. This is criminal, especially in countries which already suffer from a shortage of water.

Ditch the car, take the train Eco-labels for clearer visibility