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Escape the London Olympics: remote island retreats

British sporting enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to go see the Olympic Games in action right on their doorstep, however, for the rest of us, and especially Londoners, the hosting of the Olympics simply means more mayhem. And when it comes to tourism, it has been reported that the Games may in fact have a detrimental effect in the English capital, as many will be avoiding London precisely due to the sporting event and the chaos that inevitably ensues. Just take a look at Beijing's situation in 2008; tourism figures were down 30% from the previous year, according to the BBC. The reaction to the London Olympics is very much twofold. Some people will be elated and some considerably underwhelmed. But if you're just not a sports fan or you would prefer to avoid the chaos altogether, resist the urge of staying in to watch the Games, move off the couch (we know you're only watching the Games on TV for the sake of it) and take this opportunity to flee as far away as possible. The last time London hosted the Olympics was in 1948, so don't wait another 64 years before the perfect excuse to set off comes around again. This summer's promising to be a hot and sticky one; wouldn't you just rather be marooned in paradise rather than scoffing crisps, your thighs sticking to the sofa? It's picture postcard perfect; you'll be miles away from any trace of the Olympics: ready, get set, get out of here!