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Focus: Keeping the cost of your holiday down


Keeping the cost of your holiday down © Copyright

Our first tip this week will help you not only save money while on holiday, but it will also give you a completely different experience of a destination. The concept 'WWOOFING' has been around for some years now, but isn't as widely known as it should be. 'WWOOFING' stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and the idea is simple: travellers earn their keep in exchange of a few hours' work on a farm, meaning you can go pretty much anywhere the wind takes you without having to pay for accommodation or meals.

It won't be the most glamorous holiday you will have been on, but it will help you get abroad extremely cheaply - and it's a great way to get a real feel for the local life.

You can turn up at any farm in the world and offer your services in true old-fashioned style of course, but then you run the risk of having to ask at several farms before finding one that could do with a spare pair of hands; and if you are going to be travelling with children, this isn't the most practical or fail-proof of processes. That is why a worldwide network of farmers offering 'WWOOFING' exists online: www.wwoof.org. Although the site isn't much to look at, it has a comprehensive list of farmers offering places to stay across the world.

Another fantastic website for working in exchange of either a small salary or accommodation is www.staydu.com. With its new interface, it is easy to navigate. Whether you want to husky sledge in Alaska, work on a ranch in Brazil, help out at a potato farm in Japan, or get paid to work at a lodge in Madagascar, there are hundreds of options to suit just about any kind of traveller.

Both websites are great sources of information, but there are some costs attached. Signing to view farmers' details on 'Wwoof' is between 20-50 euro. For membership on Staydu, it is 19 euro, which gives you access to information about all hosts.

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