Posted on 21/06/2022

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Krakow, a fairy-tale city in Poland

We sometimes underestimate Poland, but you should know you have to visit Krakow at least once in your life because of its magical and fairytale-like atmosphere. One of the most important stops definitely is the old town, where you can get on a horse-drawn carriage, and discover the medieval city with its beautiful palaces, churches and enchanting castle. The Wawel dragon is the symbol of the city, and definitely looks stunning, but be careful as it does really breathe fire.

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According to legends, the name of Kraków comes from a king named Krakus, who apparently saved the city from a dangerous dragon that roamed around the Wawel Hill in the 7th century, and the 16-meter-high artificial hill in the city is actually home to the king's tomb. The dragon, which is called Smok Wawelski in Polish, has become a symbol of the city - so much in fact that there is a statue of it, which breathes fire every five minutes...  Pretty impressive! 

In order to make this already pretty surreal experience even more memorable, you should get on a horse-drawn carriage - they are red or white, with large vintage wheels and look like something out of a fairy tale. The atmosphere won't disappoint you, as the coachmen really make sure to stay in character and to keep their presentation perfect so that you feel the magic. Because the historic center of the city is pedestrian, the trip will really take you out of time and make you feel in a magical world, while providing information on the architecture and history of the monuments.

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Architecture of the old town

The Old Town is definitely a must-see if you're going to Krakow, which gets a very romantic atmosphere due to the pastel colors of its buildings and the Baroque or Gothic palaces. St. Mary's Basilica particularly stands out in the city, with its towers that look like they wear crowns, as well as the former Royal Castle of Wawel, which dominates the former Polish capital from the hill where the Wawel dragon supposedly lived.

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