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Lost in translation: 10 countries where no one speaks English

As Brits, we have the huge advantage of our native language being spoken, often to a high level, all over the world. Over two billion people speak English as a first language, and an estimated 375 million learn it as a second. Generally accepted as the global lingua franca, English is the main language of tourism, spoken in almost any resort worldwide. This can make travelling abroad infinitely easier for English speakers, giving us the chance to enjoy foreign cultures without struggling through the holiday clinging to our phrasebook for dear life. However, on the flip side, many like to practise new languages while abroad, and speaking our own mother tongue can make an exotic getaway seem less authentic. When trying to soak up a foreign environment, it shatters the illusion slightly to hear English being jabbered away in the background, as if we'd never left the country. For an experience that is sure to be well worth your efforts, here are some countries where you'll be forced to break out of the Anglophone bubble.

By Georgie Cauthery