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Summer on the dance floor

Jump on the plane to go and party and enjoy oneself. Such is the thought process of seasoned clubbers who think of only one thing: going wild! Numerous low-cost airlines have for a few years now favoured taking off to European destinations such as Berlin, Barcelona and Brussels making them what they are today?party-goers' paradises. At the same time, certain coastal resorts have been attracting for a long while younger and younger tourists on the search for encounters, sun and sea. Ibiza is always top of the pile and remains the yardstick against which others position themselves as party islands. Others try and play to their strengths and put the accent on their patrimony, natural or otherwise, in an attempt to attract another clientele. So, whether you are an experienced clubber with all the right moves or indeed a chilled out soul who wouldn't say no to a visit to the museum, the following 10 crazy destinations which we advise you to rediscover offer 1001 holiday possibilities, clubbing of course amongst them. The ideal holiday, festive or otherwise, is the one which allows you to recharge your batteries, do some sport, meet people, speak other languages and discover places you'd never normally step foot in?