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Focus: The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean!

7 - Oman: the pirate coast

The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean! © Copyright

From the sparkling harbour of Mascate to the green mountains of Dhofar, the red desert of Wahiba to the virgin pirate coasts, Oman invites you to turn back time as you walk the path of Sinbad the Sailor. A well-kept secret of the Arabic Peninsula, the country is full of villages and mountain fortresses, palm groves and oases, nomad camps of the desert, cities, mosques and hotels all rise as if from the Tales of the Arabian Nights. A relatively safe destination, Oman suggests an authentic trip to the heart of Saudi Arabia which gives a complete change of scene, where the locals are very hospitable. Towards the end of the Saudi Arabian horn, you will find the doors to Dhofar, Salalah. Dhofar is an ancient pirate and slave traders' town. For thousands of years incense sellers made a fortune in Dhofar. The road of Incense (a UNESCO world heritage site) is one of the oldest of known trade roads. Dhofar incense, spices, aromas and other Indian and African products all transited via the desert or the Red Sea. Sour, large natural port of the Pirate coast, was built on the ocean and the old part of town seems to have stayed stuck as it was a few centuries ago. Sour is one of the most idyllic looking towns of the sultanate. However Sour owes much of its reputation to its marine site and it is also where traditional ships are made. It is possible to visit the marine site which faces the old part of town. The sea is warm; water temperature is always around 30°C! In this fairy-like setting, it is easy to imagine ghostly pirates treasure-hunting!

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